The Art of Upcycling – from glass jar to soap dispenser!

The Art of Upcycling – from glass jar to soap dispenser!

The term “upcycling” has recently become a buzzword and refers to the process of turning used products or unwanted waste into something that can be used again. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (or woman for that matter). Here, we show you how to turn an everyday glass jar into your own soap dispenser!


All you need are the following items:

  1. A glass jar with a twist top. Any sort of glass jar will do, such as a jam or empty sauce jar
  2. A one way soap dispenser with a removable pump and straw
  3. A drill driver with a metal cap


Let’s get started: Make your own soap dispenser in three easy steps.

Measure the diameter of the soap dispenser straw and draw a circle of the same size in the middle of the glass jar lid. Use a drawing compass for better accuracy.

Drill a hole into the lid at the marked spot without exceeding the marked diameter. If in doubt, make the hole small at first and then drill it out to the right size carefully. Leave the lid on the glass jar while drilling to prevent damaging your furniture or floor.


Insert the pump into the hole. If you made the hole the right size, the straw should now fit perfectly and have a firm stand. In case you made the hole a little bit too big, just use some tape around the straw, until it fits the hole perfectly.

Fill some liquid soap into the glass jar, close the lid tightly – and done!


You now have the option to beautify your DIY soap dispenser by painting the jar or tying a ribbon around the jar. Anything works, as long as the material is waterproof. We recommend leaving a small strip unpainted so can see when you are running out of soap.

We hope you enjoyed this little DIY upcycling project!

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