How to fix a leaking tap

How to fix a leaking tap

Everyone loves a bit of DIY around the house now and then. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and sorting household problems on your own – might save you time and money sometimes. However, some issues are trickier to fix than others and when it comes to plumbing, even the most enthusiastic fixer upper might not have enough experience to sort things out.

So, if you need to know how to fix a leaking tap in your house, look no further! Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to deal with one of the most common plumbing problems.

Step 1:

Deal with the problem as soon as you notice it. Leaking taps can waste a surprisingly large amount of water in a surprisingly short amount of time. It’s always tempting to put chores off, especially if you are not quite sure what to do, but this is one plumbing job that needs to be done as soon as you can.

Step 2:

Assess the situation. Put on some protective gear then check out the root cause of the problem and how it could be solved. Things to consider include where the leak is coming from and which part of the tap is involved.

Step 3:

Decide whether or not you need professional help. Sometimes only a fully qualified plumber will do and this is the point when you need to decide whether to call in the professionals. If you are in any way unsure about whether to get professional advice the answer is probably yes. Don’t try to tackle anything on your own that you’re not 100% sure you can fix. It’s too easy to do something wrong and end up causing more damage than good.

Step 4:

If you do think this is something you can solve yourself, there are a few easy fixes to try. For example, if the leak is coming from a spout outlet this may be due to the tap valve washer. The only option in this case is to get a new one and replace it. Likewise, if the leak is coming from the tap bonnet the problem is likely to be the body washer or O-ring and again that simply requires replacement of the faulty part. Don’t forget to shut off the water before fixing anything, and also be careful when uninstalling and reinstalling any pieces. Once you have replaced the faulty part, remember too to tighten it lightly using a wrench.

Step 5:

Build back better. Had a leak? Annoying as this can be, it is also an opportunity to make your plumbing more secure and less likely to leak in the future. If your system is relatively old there are a range of gadgets that could be applied to your tap when fixing it that could make it work much better and more efficiently. Speak to your local hardware store for advice.

These are our top five tips for when you need to know how to fix a leaking tap. Remember, only tackle things you know how to fix and if in doubt, call the professionals!

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