Meet the man who’s financing his dream through part time cleaning

Meet the man who’s financing his dream through part time cleaning

Meet Guilherme Barros, a top rated cleaner on the platform and soon to be husband! With a history of graphic design in his home country of Brazil, Guilherme is a bit of a cleaning whizz with an average rating of 4.8 stars! A keen guitarist and lover of fitness, particularly his jogs along Sydney’s glorious beaches, we find out a bit more about his work!

He first came to Australia with his Fiance, also a freelance cleaner on the Helpling platform, who wanted to further her Oncology studies in Sydney! For Guilherme, being in Australia with the ability to have a flexible schedule that coincides with his soon-to-be-wife’s, is perfect; “We normally try to plan our work schedule together so that we are able to spend our days off exploring different parts of Sydney together”.

Back home in Brazil, Guilherme has experience as (you guessed it) a professional cleaner as well as a graphic designer, his skill set is quite diverse. However it was critical for him that he improved his English and was able to have his own cleaning business with the ability to work in a flexible fashion, “Being a Brazilian, I hardly speak English back home, hence this has allowed me to learn English fast and also build new relationships with customers”.

Since he’s been partnered with Helpling, Guilherme has upkept a 4.8 star rating, an impressive feat in itself. One customer states, “Guilherme is always incredibly prompt, friendly and accommodative of changing times and bookings. His work is thorough and immaculate.” Check out his profile here!

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