A day in the life of a start up Marketing Manager

A day in the life of a start up Marketing Manager

Meet Johann Grunberger, Marketing Manager at Helpling Australia. Despite having joined Helpling only 2 months ago, the 28 year old is already settling in well at the company, bringing lots of energy to the team. When he’s not working, you can find Johann surfing at the beach or sipping cocktails at the trendiest bars in Sydney! 

Hi Johann. Tell us more about yourself:

I am a passionate entrepreneur that has a love for all things outdoors. My first business I started was in fact a cleaning business to get me by whilst I was studying at University. I was born in Sydney and have grown up in Bondi.

How has it been working for Helpling so far?

Working in a startup means there are tons of abilities to take on responsibilities from the beginning. Although the team is younger, but this does not detract from their drive to build the company into the best on-demand cleaning service in Australia. Having said that, the Helpling team have been great in guiding me through the business and the company culture is certainly open to always trying new things and challenging existing processes to make everyone’s lives easier.

man and a mop

What were you doing before Helpling?

I was working at ShopWings, having been part of the team who started that business. I was in charge of managing the store partnerships and the shopper team we had who delivered groceries to customers across Sydney and Melbourne.

What is a typical day in the office like?

Structured and busy. Getting up to speed with the processes and partnerships as well as planning for the coming months are what take most of my time.

What are your responsibilities as Marketing Manager?

In charge of managing direct offline and online marketing activities in the Australian Market. Planning, preparing and implementing campaigns. Overseeing the acquisition, contract negotiation and long-term support of cooperation partners. Tracking the performance of existing and future collaborations and campaigns.

What’s your best experience working for Helpling so far?

Working with the team around me. They are completely dedicated to coming up with new solutions to ensure that our customers are always taken care of in an efficient and effective manner.

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