6 Online Services no Busy Mum Can Do Without

6 Online Services no Busy Mum Can Do Without

Mother’s Day is fast approaching,so have you planned anything special?  Whether it’s a home cooked meal, a new bouquet of flowers or a handmade card, it is always nice to make your mum  feel that their hard work is truly appreciated by her loved ones.

Most mothers are tasked with juggling housework, job and family life leaving them with absolutely no time for themselves. This is why Helpling, the leading online marketplace for home cleaners in Australia, present to you six online services  that will help give back some much needed free time to mums.  !

Getting Organised

Teux Deux is a simple, to-do app developed by design blog, Swiss Miss. We all know that time is a precious commodity for mothers, especially when they have to juggle everything at once. With this app, you can organise your everyday life  through your very own to-do lists. To make life simpler, you can drag and drop tasks across days for a structured routine to follow. It’s simple functions make it user friendly and what’s more, it looks good too.

Achieving Your Pre-Baby Body

Nearly half the aussie mother population have listed achieving their pre-baby figure one of their new year’s resolutions for 2016. Enter Runtastic, an app that immediately informs you about the number of calories lost and distance covered after each training. Furthermore, the memory function allows you to keep track on your training progression.

Pocket Some Interesting Reads

Ever found an article or an interesting blog post but never had no time to read it right there and then?? With Pocket, save all the interesting reads for when you have time to read them.

Eat Right, Live Healthier

Want a healthier life without forgoing your favourite foods? With Diet Hero, you are able to prepare your meals with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. All you have to do is to set your weight loss goals, list down your food preferences and what you have in your pantry.  The app will then generate a meal plan for you to reach your target weight.  This allows you to save a lot of time as it will assist in planning in advance your meal for the week.  Additionally,  you can monitor your progress over time via the weight loss tracker.

Put your child to sleep with ease

Getting your child to bed can sometimes be a difficult task.. With apps such as Baby Soother, you are now able to take your child from crying to calm and peaceful within minutes, with the assistance of soothing music and peaceful images. Be warned, your fussy child might not be the only one that will be soothed to sleep!

Avoid your housework forever

Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else do your housework, whilst you spend quality time with your friends and family, doing what matters most! Hiring a cleaner comes in handy and is affordable with Helpling. With rates that start from $29 an hour, booking a cleaner has never been this easy!

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