8 Reasons Why Hiring a Cleaner Can Change Your Life!

8 Reasons Why Hiring a Cleaner Can Change Your Life!

We all know that housework requires a lot of time and attention and due to popular belief – such that, only the rich and privileged being able to afford a cleaner, for example – options like outsourcing help with it are very much overlooked. These days though, with the availability of all a plethora of modern online services, one can easily rent a car, a house, have their dry cleaning done, book a chauffeur or any number of services. But what about one of the most pressing time constrictors in our lives? How much of an impact would outsourcing a cleaner actually have on your life?

Despite the obvious cost, like any service, involved (which is surprisingly low these days), we’ve identified a few key points in the effects, outsourcing household help could have on your life – some of them really surprised us…

1. More free time, less housework

One of the most important factors of your free time is exactly that – free. It isn’t really your free time when you have to spend half of your weekend cleaning up after yourself from the week, your family or any other mess obstacle that may present itself. Obviously outsourcing help would actually give you free time – and you could enjoy your days off to the fullest – so this, at least, would genuinely have an impact on your life; you would then just have to figure out what your would do with all your new found free time!

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2. Your ‘social life’

Some people simply don’t have a social life – not necessarily because they aren’t social, but – because they work lots and then have to spend a lot of time sorting out their downtime outside of work. Again, outsourcing help would free up that time and allow such a person, like yourself perhaps, to actually peruse a social life for once!


3. Concentrate on getting an awesome life

Also, with this new found free time, you will be able to get your private life more or less back on track: get that tax return sorted, make and plant that herb garden you’ve always wanted – the ‘life-min’ task are endless!!! In all seriousness though, you could use this time to better your life – learn a language, do an evening course or invite your friends over for a dinner party…

4. Home will be cleaner than you can make it + done faster

It is their job – no offence, but professional cleaners can often do the same work as you in half the time.


5. Oh, and clean stuff you normally wouldn’t

Door handles, tops of cupboards, cupboard doors, under the sofa….. you get the drift.

6. Enjoy the seasons more

Everyone spends more time indoors in winter and late autumn – creating more mess by proxy – and increasing the amount of housework required. Also in summer allergy sufferers may have to endure the build up of airborne summer allergens and waste a lot of time trying to rectify it. So alleviating this would, no doubt, be beneficial to some – especially families.

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Things to consider if you want to try outsourcing household work

7. Help the economy – fight the black market

Make sure you get a licensed, vetted and tax paying cleaner – a cleaner that’s insured against theft, breakages and accidents. Also, a cleaner who’s credentials are transparent; you can contact them if you have a problem – which is not the same with an illegitimate one, you have no evidence that the info they provide you is actually accurate, you could, one day, discover something stolen and have no one to blame but yourself for not checking how genuine the person was.

8. Price/time factor

What is your time worth to you? Consider how much you earn. Consider how much free time you actually have. Consider how much of your free time you sacrifice on housework. Now think about whether or not your free time is worth being used to clean.

The price of hiring a cleaner is relatively low these days and you may  find it more than affordable than you thought. Helpling’s rates, for example, start at $29 per hour – an amount many people earn more than, per hour, at work.


If you’re convinced about hiring a cleaner, find out more about Helpling’s cleaning services.

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