Alternative Uses of Olive Oil for Household Cleaning

Alternative Uses of Olive Oil for Household Cleaning

Olive oil is an essential part of any kitchen. It’s great for cooking and better for your health than most other oils. The best part about olive oil is that its household uses are far beyond the kitchen. These are our favourite ways to apply it at home from the Helpling team:

Clean your cast-iron pans

Make a scrubbing paste with olive oil and a teaspoon of coarse salt. Scrub it in with a stiff brush, then rinse with hot water. Make your pots and pans shine!

Get paint off your hands

Are your hands covered with paint after DIY projects or renovations? Rub some olive oil into your skin, let it sink in for 5 minutes, and then wash thoroughly with soap.

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Repair scratches on leather furniture

Did your cat scratch your favourite leather couch? Olive oil is the solution. Pour a very small amount of olive oil onto a cotton cloth and rub it into the scratched leather furniture in a light circular motion.



Protect rattan and wicker furniture

Does grandmother’s tea table look a little worn? Has your balcony furniture seen better days? To help keep it from cracking, gently rub some warm olive oil into the furniture with a soft cloth.

Shine stainless steel

Make your kitchen and bathroom shine with just a bit of olive oil. For extra sparkle, pour it onto a cloth and buff to your heart’s content.

Polish wood furniture

This easy recipe makes your furniture look brand new. Combine 2 cups olive oil with 1 cup lemon juice or vinegar. Work the mixture into the furniture with a soft cloth.


Easy clean up of garden tools

It’s about time to start gardening which means all your tools need to be ready! Spray some olive oil on your tools to cut down on dirt build-up.

Peel off kids’ stickers

Putting stickers everywhere is one of kids’ favourite things to do. You don’t have to stop them from it anymore! When you see the sticker on the wall, just pour a little olive oil on the sticker and let it sit for several minutes before you start pulling.

Share with us any other olive oil tips in the comments below and find out how you can use coffee grounds to clean around the house.


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