8 Ways to Combat Nasty Smells and Freshen Up Your Home in Spring

8 Ways to Combat Nasty Smells and Freshen Up Your Home in Spring

If you’ve ever experienced lingering and unappetising smells around the home or just want to freshen the air after cooking – we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you!

Here are our top fave insider tips:

1. Cat litter



You can easily neutralise bad smells by filling socks with cat litter and placing them into musty drawers or cupboards. Yes that’s right. Cat litter. It absorbs smells and because it’s in a sock, can be removed very easily the next day.

2. Coffee Beans

coffee-316578_1280 (1)

If you like the smell of coffee, we highly recommend trying this: half fill a glass jar with coffee beans and place a candle inside the glass. When lit, the heat from the candle will start to produce an aroma from the coffee beans. The smell will be both soothing…and delicious!


3. Perfume for your vacuum cleaner


Empty your vacuum bag and pour a few drops of essential oil onto the bag before replacing. You’ll be surprised by how fresh and floral your place will smell after vacuuming.


4. Eucalyptus


Get a few branches of Eucalyptus and place them into a vase. It looks pretty and smells amazing! Alternatively you can also hang the branches in your bathroom. The warm steam will help to extract the fresh eucalyptus smell. Mmmm!


5. Vinegar



Most of us love seafood. A bit of smoked salmon, king prawns with garlic and chilli…delicious! However, if the smell lingers in the house for a few days, it’s not so pleasant on the nose. Try the following tip: after your next cooking session, place a bowl with vinegar on the kitchen table and leave it there overnight. The fishy smells will be gone by morning. Magic!


6. Lemon and Salt


This tip will help you to get rid of bad odours in your fridge. Cut the lemon in half and hollow out one half. Fill the hollowed out part with salt, put it onto a plate and place it at the back of your fridge. The salt will absorb nasty smells while the lemon will spread a fresh citrus smell. We do recommend finding the guilty source of the bad smell and removing from the fridge first though…!


7. Clove and Orange

Orange & cloves

These two will make a nice natural air freshener. Simply press some cloves into the orange and place it anywhere in the room.


8. Baking soda

baking powder

Baking soda will work wonders if your rubbish bin is smelling funny from time to time. Simply put a spoon full of baking soda into the bin bag. It will absorb liquids and reduce bad smells around your bin. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
If you have any more helpful tips and tricks, we’d love to hear them!

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