5 hacks to avoid ironing forever!

5 hacks to avoid ironing forever!

Ever had to stay up all night having to iron your clothes ready for work the following day? Trick question! Yes, obviously everyone has done this at some point – and it isn’t nice, as you know!

Ironing is one of our least favourite household chores – it’s boring, takes up a lot of time and is pretty difficult to boot. To summarize, is it a job that deserves the time you invest into it? Probably not…

But never fear, we’ve got some awesome ironing hacks so you can avoid this never-ending task!

1. Shower power for a double win

Having a hot shower can have more uses than just being a satisfying thing to stand under in the morning. Showers in a closed space create a localized build-up of steam – something known for its cleaning and power to launder. Simply hang up that creased shirt or pair of trousers before you hop in the shower and Bob’s your uncle. This should take around 10 minutes.

2. A little water goes a long way

Need a quick crease fix but still don’t want to iron? Get the article of clothing in question, hang it up in the open and spray it lightly with water. Give it an hour and that crease will be as good as gone. Remember to stretch or press the crease down with your hands after you spray it, and don’t soak your clothes in water – a little ‘spritz’ will do. 

3. Get practical – use your straighteners

Very similar to an iron is your pair of straighteners. If done correctly, this will save you some time compared to ironing – especially when it concerns things like sleeves, trouser legs and so on! Make sure your straighteners are clean first, though, and also spraying your clothes with a little water before hand will help.

4. CRUSH THEM!!! (Your clothes, that is…)

If you have a divan or similarly flat bed stead (or sleep on a mattress on the floor) you can use this to your advantage by placing your clothes, flattened out, in between the flat surface and your mattress! Sleeping v.s. ironing, hmmmm, let me think…

If you don’t have an appropriate bed situation, like described above, you can compromise – for example, by finding 2 boards and putting them under your mattress.

It’s also worth making sure your mattress is clean before using it to press your clothes. You don’t want to end up with dust mites in your dress!

5. Dry creases out

Really easy, this one. Spray the wrinkled areas with a little water and chuck the clothes in the tumble dryer for a few minutes. When done, you’ll have warm, crease-free clothes! Be sure to either fold and store neatly, hang up, or wear the clothing in question though, as the creases may appear from lying crumpled in the dryer for too long

Got any ironing hacks yourself? Let us know! Maybe you’re sitting on an information goldmine and you never knew it!

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