What to absolutely not do when washing your bra- (and what to do)

What to absolutely not do when washing your bra- (and what to do)

Have you ever had your favourite bra removed from the washing machine, only to find out that its once oh so perfect cup has been completely distorted? Or worse, that the bra strap has completely lost its elasticity? Although us women, spend tons of money on their bras, most of us are clueless of how to take care of them.

In this article, we have listed down the best ways to wash bras without ruining them.

How often should you wash your bra?

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Most women are guilty of wearing the same bra for as long as a week, but once you think about the amount of sweat it accumulates, especially during warmer days, it might seem like a good idea to wash them more often. The high acidity of sweat leads to the spread of bacteria, hence, unless you’re really sweaty or have just completed a workout, it is recommended to wait three or four wears before washing.

What to absolutely not do when washing your bra?

Most bras are made of fragile materials such as lace, satin or silk, and therefore should be treated with care. Furthermore, over-washing can damage the elasticity, which is essential for providing the proper support.


  • Putting bras in the dryer. The spinning of the dryer damages the bra’s elasticity and shape, which is essential for providing proper support.
  • Washing bras with other clothes. Fragile materials are not resistant to standard temperatures. Therefore, make sure to only wash bras with garments of the same material, on a delicate cycle of up to 30 degrees.
  • Dumping bras in the wash without a mesh bra bag. Put your bra always in a mesh bra bag to keep it from tangling. This will prevent the elastic from stretching and bra hooks from tagging on to other garments.

What to take note of?

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  • Each bra is made differently, with different materials,  so it’s important to always read the care level for proper instructions.
  • Fasten the bra hook before you throw it in a mesh bag and into the wash to prevent the hooks getting stuck with other clothing
  • Consider a milder detergent for delicate fabrics.  Remember that a little detergent goes a long way.
  • Disentangle the bra, blot away the excess water, then adjust the shape of the cup before drying. Lay the bras flat to dry as hanging to dry can cause the bras to stretch.
  • Store your bras properly. Line them up in your lingerie drawer like they would do in a store to keep the shape of the bra cups.

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