6 unexpected uses for coffee that will make your life easier

6 unexpected uses for coffee that will make your life easier

Whether you prefer an espresso, long black, flat white or cappuccino, it is a fact that Australians love coffee. According to data by euromonitor, Australia was ranked 28th in the world for coffee consumption at 2.6kg per capita. That is approximately 16.3 million coffees consumed each day!

While coffee not only energises you in the morning, it also works as an inexpensive tool to complete a range of household tasks, from cleaning your pans to getting rid of the smell of onion from your hands. Unsure of how to make use of coffee? Helpling, Australia’s leading online marketplace for domestic cleans are spilling the beans on how you can utilise the aromatic drink for a cleaner home:

Hand Washing


Eager to show off your cooking skills but is that onion smell lingering even during your dinner? Washing your hands with coffee grounds help remove any nasty odour collected by chopping up strong smelling ingredients such as onion and garlic. That aroma from onions and garlic will from now on only be tasted in dishes and not when you’re eating dessert or breakfast the next day.

Fridge Deodoriser


There’s nothing quite as disturbing as getting ready to prepare a meal and opening the fridge to find bad odours from unidentifiable source! Getting rid of bad fridge odours can be a nightmare but it is not an impossible task. Here is a little tip to help clean out the smell of your refrigerator or any places that are not often aired. Simply place some coffee grounds in a cup and change it every 15 days.



Cleaning the dishes is one of the top 5 most dreaded household chores. Reason being, scrubbing stubborn pieces of food stuck to your pots and pans can be a tedious (and boring) process. Did you know that coffee works as a natural degreaser? Just mix 2/3 teaspoons of coffee grounds with warm water and scrub the surface with a sponge or a soft brush to give those dirty pots and pans a refreshing clean. Also works well on your stove top.

Wood Repairing


If you’ve had wooden furniture in your living space for a while, chances are you’ve accumulated at least a couple of scratches on the surface. Before you spend money on a professional wood refinisher to restore the surface, try soaking a spoonful of coffee grounds with warm water for a while and gently rub the mixture all over the scratches. Apply as often as needed.



Looking for ways to boost your garden and compost? Coffee grounds act as an excellent fertilizer. It can also be used as a natural repellent against ants, slugs and snails. Simply spread the grounds at the foot of the plants, or dilute in water and spray directly to control the insect situation.

Flea Repellent for your Dog

As well as in the garden, coffee grounds work well as repellent against fleas. If you’re looking for a natural and cost effective solution in your pet’s battle against fleas, there is a solution for dogs and cats. For dogs, grab a handful of coffee grounds with or without shampoo and apply on top of their fur coat. For best results, use this method in conjunction with your dog’s usual anti-flea medications to kill off eggs.

Next time, you are enjoying a cup of homemade espresso, don’t get rid of your coffee grounds too quickly!

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