4 Steps to a Stink Free Bin – Removing Stubborn Trash Smells

4 Steps to a Stink Free Bin – Removing Stubborn Trash Smells

Does your garbage leave a lingering odour? Even after replacing the trash bags, the problem can remain unsolved, leading to the whole apartment slowly starting to smell like rotten fish. The trash can is an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi due to the food residue that causes bad odours. Fortunately Helpling has listed some tips to easily get rid of this smelly garbage situation.

Tip 1: Place baking soda in your smelly trash

tablespoon of baking soda into trash

Other than using baking soda for cooking, did you know you can easily combat odours with baking soda? Simply sprinkle a handful of baking soda at the bottom of your trash before you put in a new bag and you’re done!

Tip 2: Think outside the kitty litter box

Cat litter isn’t just for absorbing smells in the cat litter box. Like baking soda, you can use it to combat musty smells anywhere in your house, particularly, your trash. The pure, refined clay from the kitty litter absorbs and removes impurities and works to remove stains and odours. Pour the kitty litter in an ashtray at the bottom of your trash can, then place a garbage bag over it. Once the granules have absorbed all the smell, replace it with new granules.

Tip 3: Aromatic coffee beans

coffee grounds


Coffee beans are also a great way to combat bad odours. Pour a handful of beans onto a plate and place at the bottom of the bin. The beans will absorb the filthy dustbin air and prevent it from circulating in the house. Easy, right?

Tip 4: When life gives you lemons, make odour repellent!

bowl of lemons

Lemons have many functions. Not only can it be used in food & drink, or to fight insects, but it is also a perfect way to mask unpleasant odours. Leave some skins at the bottom and you have another fresh-smelling garbage bag.

Do you have any more tips to neutralize garbage odours? Share your tips in the comment box below!

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